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Proposition 203 :-)

Proposition 203 passed in Arizona and that makes Arizona the 15th state to allow medical marijuana. 

That is the best the birthday wish a girl could have ! 

This a perfect ending for my days on LJ ... this is my last post.

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Happy Friday the 13th !


I have a friend whose Mom was the 13th child born on the 13th day of August and married at age 13 with kids 13 years apart from youngest to oldest.  I would say that is pretty amazing !  

 I would have to say the number 13 is not so unlucky....

Only if you believe it .....
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UFO Cloud

Now where was I ?  I haven't posted for over a month now....

After the fire there was flood !  I don't want to go there !

During all this T came for a visit ... don't want to go there either !

Now maybe life can flow again .....

In Flagstaff there some days that have the most interesting clouds in the sky and some days there is only one.  I call it the UFO cloud because it is always shaped like a saucer and it is always by itself.  Sometimes it will hang around for 2 or 3 days like this one. 

 I took this in May 2010 on day 3 and I swear it never moved all that time.

Now today I saw another one and it only stayed around for about 6 hours but it was quite interesting.  It was early morning, here is the first photo of it coming in, keeping in mind this is the only cloud in the sky.

This next one is of it settling over the Peaks, our now bare-naked mountain !

But this the best one !  If you look on the last left peak you will see 2 shiny objects pretty close together.  There has been aircraft flying all over the Peaks for weeks due to flood and fire but not today besides 2 planes would not be that close to each other in flight.  These objects appear to be fairly large as well ....

Well, all I can hope is the Aliens planted some magic fast growing restoration seeds on our Mountain  :-)   
We need it !!!

Food for thought..... 
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Schultz Tank

I just happened to be at Schultz Tank last week a few days before the Schultz Fire started.  I may never see it again this way....glad I got these pics.

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The Beast Still Burns

Schultz Fire Update -- June 25, 2010, 7:00 pm

The fire is 50% contained and has covered 15,000 acres.
Today’s Activity:

Yesterday’s planned burnout was completed and mop up of the areas continued today on the western flank of the fire. Significant progress was made on the west flank of the fire due to higher humidities, cloud cover, and lower than expected wind speeds. Crews continued to use Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics (MIST) to lessen impact to wilderness resources.

Tomorrow’s Planned Activity:
Firefighters will construct and reinforce lines on the west flank of the fire and continue to patrol and mop up other areas. Crews will begin rehabilitation of dozer lines and hand lines and other areas impacted by suppression actions. A Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) team has arrived and is planning rehabilitation of areas burned by the fire.


Schultz Fire Update -- June 25, 2010, 2:00 pm

The fire is 40% contained and has covered 14,800 acres.
Yesterday’s Activity:
A spot fire was discovered Thursday morning near the southern tip of the fire area and was quickly contained by fire crews. Firefighters initiated a burnout on the southwest flank (east of Weatherford Canyon and north of Schultz Tank) of the fire to strengthen containment lines. Helicopters assisted forces on the ground with water and retardant drops. The burnout operation was successfully completed overnight. A major smoke plume appeared over the area and drifted to the northeast. Smoky conditions are expected to continue over the next few days. Thursday evening crews found and put out a spot fire outside the northeast side of the fire.

Today’s Activity:

Fire crews will construct, improve, and burn out fire lines on the southwest and northwest flanks of the fire and continue to patrol and mop up on the northeast, east and southeast flanks. Crews on the west side will be using MIST (Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics) tactics to lessen impact to wilderness resources. Weather conditions for Friday include the possibility of dry lightning in the morning and gusty winds and drier conditions in the afternoon. Firefighters will closely monitor the fire perimeter and be on the watch for any spot fires.

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Schultz Fire Update

Browse: Home / / Thursday Evening Schultz Fire Update: 14,800 Acres, 40% Contained

FLAGSTAFF (NAZ Today)– A controlled burn is producing a large plume of smoke above the western edge of the Schultz Fire, but the controlled fire helped to contain the main fire.

The fire grew slightly to 14,800 acres, but the big news is that successful burnout operations helped crews increase containment on the fire, to 40 percent.

The smoke from the burnout began rising at about 12 noon today, and the large plume began spreading eastward over Highway 89.

Malis-Clark said that the burnout is working. “It’s going very well,” she said.  ”It’s being done today to help ‘button up’ the fireline before the forecast ‘red flag’ high wind event tomorrow.”

According to the National Weather Service, winds will start out calm in the morning Friday before picking up to sustained south-southwesterly winds of 20-25 mph in the afternoon, with gusts in the 35 mph range. Breezy conditions are expected to continue into the early morning hours Saturday.

Firefighters will work through the night to continue to improve fire lines and mop up along existing lines.

This explains the last blast of smoke I saw but all of a sudden the fire crews are back this evening...hmmmm

and the choppers are going fast back and forth. 

Should I pack again ?
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Schultz Fire 2010

This is a Big, Bad Fire !

I have been evacuated for 3 days and now have been allowed to return home with the beast still burning !  It is an unsettling feeling with the plumes of smoke still going off all around.  The smell of campfire is in the air and in the house.  The smoke seems to be staying away so I will have to thank the wind for blowing today and blowing it a good direction.

We are on day 5 of the fire.

Schultz Fire Update -- June 24, 2010, 1:00 pm






Reward offered for information on Schultz Fire

Flagstaff, AZ The U.S. Forest Service is seeking information concerning the person or persons responsible for causing the Schultz Fire, which has cost nearly $3 million in suppression costs.


The Forest Service is offering a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.




Schultz Fire Update -- June 24, 2010, 10:00 am

Fire Fire Facts From Inciweb

Date started: June 20, 2010                                                        
Cause: Abandoned campfire, no suspects
Location: 5 miles N of Flagstaff, AZ                                          
Size:  14,300 acres
Percent Contained: 25%                                                              
Estimated Containment Date: Unknown
Number of Personnel:  961                                                         
Aircraft: 4 air tankers, 7 helicopters
Equipment: 56 engines, 11 water tenders                                                 
Cost to Date: $ 2,960,367
Resources Threatened: residences, critical watersheds,  wilderness character               Injuries to Date: 0

The Sleeping Beast

Heading home

Thanks to the crews that saved the homes

This flare up happened just today !

It felt like it was happening all over again ! 

I took that pic at the driveway !

I guess it is not over until the beast is out or there are no more trees to burn !

GC storm

Doney Park, Arizona on a Windy Day !

It is recommended that a person should stay away from the Doney Park area of Flagstaff on a windy day.  The wind in Doney Park can be 50 to 60 mph wind gusts and more ....the folks that live in that area consider it mild when it is only 20 to 30 mph gusts !

It is also highly recommended that you do not own a trampoline in this area without anchoring it to something .......

Fortunately these folks had a tree to catch it !

GC storm


Well, it has been awhile since I posted last....I was really hoping to have more skunk stories to tell but I have not caught anymore. 

Since the snow has melted everyone has crawled out if their homes ready to clean up after the winter storms so I have been quite busy lately.  Suzanne's Handy Service is getting busy these days  :-)   I suppose I could really think of a better name for my service but truly it works for me.

I really felt out of place this winter in my Saturn Vue, it is truly NOT a Flagstaff vehicle.  Everytime I passed by some of my favorite back road spots, knowing I could not get there in the Vue, it made me sad so you know what ?  I went and did it .....  :-)..... I went and bought me a brand new Jeep Wrangler !


I am still in shock and disbelief over the deal .... I am not quite sure how I did it exactly but I did !   :-)   It only had 11 miles on it when I drove it away ! 

It's color is magic green with black trim stuff ..... it is so basic too !  Manual roll up and down windows, got to use the key to open the doors .....basically everything inside is manual except the transmission and locking in hubs.  The top comes off 3 different ways   :-)  doors come off, windshield folds down AND the stereo plays the ipod with 6 speakers !!!!  

The Jeep logo these days is "Life is Good"

I think I will have to go with that !

Of course I got a free hat thrown in with the deal, naturally is says "Life is Good"  with a jeep on it  :-)

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